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Dry Season

lost history.

Portuguese Timor, 1967—A labour strike brings David, a young Macanese clerk, to a troubled mountain town where he become entangled in a violent transition of power. With shadowy forces manoeuvring for advantage and his friends at risk, David must quickly learn the unseen roots that connect people. Vendetta, sacrifice and anti-communist witch hunts all build into a feverish vision as a nation moves toward its painful birth. Dry Season is a modernist mystery about how ideas propagate in human hearts.


An incandescent
political thriller.

Timor Timur, 1981—After encountering a mysterious woman, the businessman Daniel has discovered a disturbing souvenir in his suitcase. But is this the only contraband he carries? Or does he hide other secrets from himself? Daniel follows an ant trail of desperate émigrés to Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo, Sydney and Darwin, before a final return to find a lost brigade in the mountains of central Timor. A novel about viability, and the unexpected channels communication will find, even under the most repressive conditions.

Fear of Colour

Lessons rescued
from darkness.

Timor Leste, 2006—The adults keep the good food for themselves, so what choice do the youth have but to rise up? Factions move in the shadows as the nation-building success story cracks at its very foundation. Street-gangs, political cliques and war veterans clash beneath the rise of a rebel force in the mountains above the capital. And above all loom systems of control that will render void the very idea of freedom. An immersive political thriller about the struggle for renewal and the possibility of justice.

This loose trilogy forms a compelling x-ray of the twentieth century’s dark matter. Across fifty years, the outsider David Pan is witness to struggle, from misrule and patriarchy to the fragile hope of emancipation and independence. These novels are in manuscript form, and flow from the author’s years in Timor Leste, balancing evocations of lost times with gripping storytelling and startling insight—to ‘throw fireworks into the shadows’ of a history that has not yet been reconciled.